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Who I am: Hi! I’m Elisa, an italian girl who loves drawing and that has finally decided to open a blog about her passion after a lot of indecision! :)
Where I live: I live in Florence, and I love it! I think that it is one of the most beautiful city in the entire universe, it is full of art and everything, in a certain way, reminds the Renaissance and has a vibrant cultural climate. (Yes,  I’m a proud Florentine xD)
I like: I love foreign and ancient cultures, 50’s fashion, shabby chic forniture, nail art and make up, I’m obsessed with mangas and books {I read a lot}, I truly, truly loves animals, in particular cats (I’ve adopted one *-*)
I hate: I hate any kind of cheese, bullies, people who judges, all bad behaviors..
Other Blogs:  http://intheelysium.tumblr.com/  It is dedicated to my passion for shabby chic an cute stuff :)
Thoughts: I don’t know if my blog and my drawings will be succesfull, anyway, it doesn’t matter to me, I understood it after I had an year experience on deviantart, which teached me a lot: first,  that you don’t have to compare your drawings to other’s. Secondly, that you don’t have to ask yourself why you can’r reach a certain number of followers or be a popular artist. Thirdly, that you can always improove your skills and last, but not least : that you have to draw because you like it. :) 

I finally open a blog where I will post my drawings, hope you will check it :)
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Happy Halloween!! :D http://ilyalisse.deviantart.com/
Program: PaintTool Sai + Photoshop CS5
This the tumblr blog were I post my drawings :) Happy Halloween to all!
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Shabby Chic ♡
• Elysium Fields ≈

My newborn fb page :DD

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